30 August 2015


Hello Alexander. I’d like to thank you for the book “Business as an Expedition”. There are very few books like this one. Russian businessmen have not yet learned or do not resolve to write about their experience. So, it is much more valuable, that people like you exist. I read the book during the flights, in two days, on my ways from Novosibirsk to Moscow and return. I bought several copies and presented them to my friends-entrepreneurs. Certainly, to my daughter-student…

Four years ago I wrote a book about history of development “Sibirsky bereg” company (snack brand “Kirieshki”, I was lucky enough to be in start-up team of this company), but the owners never resolved for publication. Although, I believe, that we (Russian business-women) should share information and experience. Thank you once again for your experience, your approach to team-building, your view on life and business, which you generously share in your book. City building is your most challenging project, for me it is a confirmation of the fact, that all limitations are surmountable, the most important not to have limitations in your mind. Wishing you success in all your projects and new ideas!