Are you fed up with going to office every day?
Are 20 vacation days per year not enough for you?
Do you want to make good money and live as you like?

Read book of Alexander Kravtsov,
creator of the legendary “Expedition”

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«BUSINESS AS AN EXPEDITION» – is an exciting business guide and a collection of poetic stories.

    This book tells how to:

– Turn your favorite lifestyle into your work, and work – into your favorite lifestyle
– Avoid playing democracy with your team
– Give up micromanagement and earn more money based on honesty
– КапCapitalize on the mutual attraction between men and women in a team
– Сreate new competition-free markets
– Conceive and nurture happy children and successful brands
– Found a city for future world champions of business

Honest and exciting stories will become a real adventure for everybody interested in outstanding personalities and nonstandard solutions, both for business and life

Learn success from the best!