Owns all types of intellectual property rights of the company

Shops network “Expedition. Area of vivid impressions”

350 shops have been opened since 2006. About 200 new goods under our brands appear in them every season.

Shops-factorias “Expedition. Atelier of rare values”

There are seven shops now. Luxury goods are sold in them. For example, gold nuggets, bone carving, precious fur products, meteorites and rare music instruments.

Restaurants “Expedition. Northern cuisine”

Restaurants operate in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Minsk. Menu includes classic dishes of peoples of the North Siberia and Far East. All fish, meat and vegetable delicacies are brought fr om the places wh ere they are naturally taken and gathered

Siberian bathhouses “Expedition” (affiliated with the restaurants and standalone).

Each bath attendant has medical education. It is prohibited to consume alcohol, have sex and to use swear words in the bathhouses. Mainly – club system.

Expedition. Beautiful Siberia.

Friendly and compact – bath-restaurant-hotel complex with potions and recipes gathered in Siberia. It was opened in summer 2011 in “Ethnomir”, 110 km from Moscow on Kaluzhskoe highway.


Own trade companies operate in Moscow, Kiev, Alma-Ata, Hong Kong and New York

Expedition — Shanghai

Production office, opened in China in 2000 for producing goods and quality control.

Internet-shops sells 100% of our assortment


One of the most dynamic lines of business development – a chain of shops, selling antistress products: toys, pillows, puzzles and other products, which help to create a good mood.

Race “Expedition-Trophy”

Since 2005 it has been conducted regularly once in two years on the route “Murmansk-Vladivostok”. There are 6 people in each crew (minimum 1 woman) on two SUVs. Dates  - from February 23d till March 8th.

“Expedition. Around the World”

The expedition is run in several stages on various continents. One of the goals of the project is a search for everything positive, that was created by our compatriots in the world: influence of Russian culture in the history of other countries and nations, scientific and geographical discoveries, Russian architectural monuments, as well as search for people, who keep traditions of Russia.

The Northern Sea Route and other regular expeditions under orange sails.

Event-agency “Green theatre”

Event agency “Expedition”. The aim – organization and conduction of out-door events: celebrations, picnics, meadows and own festivals.

Academy of entrepreneurship “Expedition” and Business Surfing School

Projects in business-education sphere as an alternative to modern forms of education in colleges and universities, on trainings and MBA programs


Regular collections edition “Expedition” with tales about events and travels, the author has gone through, popular science and historical materials.

Construction and maintenance of the first temple in Antarctica

Restoration of the Holy Transfiguration church in Tver region.

Cultural navigation

Humanitarian project of “Expedition”, uniting everybody who wants to find and tell about forgotten or unknown people and places in Russia.

“Expedition – live music”

Release of albums of the best various styles music authors, whom we met in our travels.

“Expedition – live movie”

Nonfiction-feature films about the brightest events and routes.


The main spiritual super-project of the company. It was founded in Kozhevnichesky district of Tomsk region on November 2nd, 2010.

Ruyan Invest Club

City forming enterprise of Ruyan-city. Social business network, promoting the portfolio of the best franchise brands. It unites young entrepreneurs, experts and investors.

The book of A. Kravtsov “Business as an Expedition. True tales for heroes and enchantresses”

A new generation poetic business-guide. Bestseller, published in more than 15000 copies. The book was translated into English, Portuguese, Chinese and Lithuanian. Publishing abroad is in process now.